Fire Juice

Probiotic flowering enhancer

100% Organic liquid flowering supplement for Cannabis plants as well as ornamental flowers. The main source of Phosphate and Calcium being bone meal which is released through microbial solubilisation during a three month heated fermentation process. Humic and fulvic acids are added during the process to aid in the solubilisation, stabilisation, mobility and availability of Phosphate and Calcium in the final product. Fire Juice therefore also contains high amounts of beneficial microorganisms and their beneficial PGR (plant growth regulator) by-products.

Soil Application

A luxury amount of Phosphate and other growth enhancing molecules is added with 1-2 ml/L once a week during flowering without any risk of burn. First dose can be applied in the week prior to the onset of flowering and the last dose 2 weeks before harvest. Combine with your general vegetative nutrient regime.

Caution: Due to the high amount of plant available phosphate it is important to keep to the recommended dosage to avoid phosphate burn.

Ingredients: Bonemeal, Probiotics, Bokashi, food grade Molasses, Humic acid, Fulvic acid, kelp, fish hydrolysat



Plant & soil beneficial microorganisms

Fermented probiotic liquid cultured through a 3 week heated fermentation process using pure mother stock of Effective Microorganisms (EM-1). Pure molasses is used as the main microbial food source to obtain maximal populations of active beneficial microbes and the PGR (plant growth regulator) by-products they release. Lactic acid dominant microbes (Probiotics) can be applied as a foliar spray to disrupt leaf surface conditions required for Powdery mildew infection.

All microbes listed are natural occurring Microorganisms (GMO free), safety class 1 (non harmful for human, animal and environment). This product is considered a bio-stimulant and soil conditioner.

Uses: Ideal for soil application and foliar spray.

Soil Application:

Assists in breaking down organic fertilisers such as fish hydrolysate and molasses-based plant fertilisers. Dosage can range from anything between 1ml – 10ml per litre water.

1 – 3 ml/L water as a pH correction (lowering pH) depending on initial level of water alkalinity.

2-4 ml per L water once or twice per week for soil microbial maintenance.

5 – 10 ml per L water, 2 – 3 applications per week to re-populate severely deprived soil or rejuvenating used raised soil beds for the follow-up crop

Foliar application

2 ml/L water to prevent or lower the incidence of foliar infection of powdery mildew. Best pest management results are obtained if applied in conjunction with other preventative foliar sprays. Can be applied weekly during vegetative and flowering stages.



Soil conditioner with EM-1

A liquid ferment of molasses, fish meal and kelp created through anaerobic microbial digestion during a 4 month heated fermentation process. Used as a soil conditioner and complete baseline organic nutrient.

Contains moderate amounts of essential plant nutrients compared to full-purpose organic nutrients. The purpose of Microlife is to stimulate microbial activity in the soil while providing a base level of various essential plant nutrients. A full purpose organic nutrient is therefore necessary to be applied in conjunction with Microlife for full organic grow systems.

Soil Application:

3 ml/ L once per week – maintenance

5 ml/L once per week for full organic systems

10 ml/L – recycling soil / raised bed rejuvenation

Ingredients: Food grade molasses, Fish meal, Kelp, Probiotics, Bokashi, Humic acid, Fulvic acid, fish hydrolysate


Bio-stimulant, phyto-hormones, essential elements

Raw organic kelp liquid extracted from seaweed (Ecklonia maxima) extraction. A bio-fertiliser, plant stimulant and soil conditioner. Kelp contains essential plant macro- and micro- elements as well as plant growth regulators (PGR’s) or phytohormones such as Auxins, Cytokinins and Gibberellins.

Kelp is high in Alginate which has chelating properties binding to cations which then absorb moisture and expand to improve soil texture and growth of beneficial microorganisms. Kelp as a foliar application may prolong leaf health under stressful conditions. Kelp has benefits for both soil and plant and can be applied throughout the plant’s life cycle. Kelp also improves root formation and development on propagated plant tissue I.e. on stems during plant ‘cloning’.

Uses: Ideal for soil application and foliar spray

Soil application: 

3 ml/L After transplanting young seedlings into new soil

2 ml/L once per week to maintain benefits

3 – 5 ml/L once per week during flowering (higher doses may induce early ripening)

Foliar application: 

2 ml/L twice per week for stressed plants

1 ml/L every second day for propagation cuttings







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