A range of Craft Soils for the connoisseur, the gardener that requires optimal plant growth that can’t afford to skip a beat in production. Each ingredient in our craft soils can be viewed as a different musical note and when played together in a balanced ratio, creates a symphony reflected as vigorous and healthy plant growth, with greater pest resistance.



Freedom Farms Craft Soils are complete, handcrafted* living soils, formulated* for optimal plant growth and performance. Optimising our soils for root health is fundamental in achieving this. Perfectly aerated for optimum oxygen exposure to roots, whilst benefiting from the high water holding capacity of coconut coir pith. A base mineral blend is aded to all our soils to ensure long term Calcium and trace element availability as well as pH stability.

Our Craft Soils are inoculated with probiotics and together with the naturally high diversity of microbes in worm castings, our soils are teeming with beneficial soil and plant microorganisms. This optimises nutrient cycling (organic nutrients) and suppresses soil pathogens, keeping the root zone healthy. Some soils are also supplemented with organic plant macro- and micro- nutrients for growers that want to depend less on additional inputs, whilst still reaping the full benefits. We take meticulous care in sourcing, formulating, preparing and blending the components of our Craft Soils. 

*Handcrafted – We blend in small batches and have a hands-on approach every step of the way to ensure product consistency.

*Formulated – Both the physical and nutritional aspects of our soils are based on specific recipes which apply to specific requirements of different plant types or nutrient management systems.

All ingredients in our Craft Soils are 100% Natural.


Organic Classic

Ingredients: Coco Coir, Worm Castings, Compost, Perlite (10%), Vermiculite, Volcanic Rock Dust, Bone Meal, Gypsum, Fermented probiotic bran, Organic nutrients


– Ideal for container growing
– Indoor, Greenhouse or Outdoor cultivation
– Quality organic potting soil for vegetables, herbs and general plants
– Raised bed system re-planted over multiple cycles (No-till, covercrop)
– Cultivation of organic medicinal grade CBD plants

The Organic Classic blend is formulated mainly for organic growing practices and organic nutrients. Compared to the Formula 1 mix, the Classic has a greater Cation exchange capacity (CEC), higher active organic matter content, as well as a balanced semi-slow release organic nutrient component. It will also hold water longer than the Formula1 mix. Substrate pH 6.5.

First watering can either be clean water or for hungrier plants add a single recommended dosage of organic nutrients. The nutrients in the soil should be adequate for approximately 2-6 weeks before additional nutrient applications are required.


Genuine Cannabis Supersoil

Zero nutrient inputs required. Only add water.

Cooked and Cured.

All ingredients are 100% biologically friendly.

Nutrient Content: Heavy

The Antifragile Supersoil is a fully loaded living soil with immediate-, medium- and slow-release sources of organic plant nutrients.

 A fully enriched living soil formulated for the pure organic grower. All essential plant nutrients are provided by this complete soil ecosystem throughout the vegetative and flowering phases, covering the plant’s full life cycle. The continuous nutrient release processes are dependent only on microorganisms, plant roots, and the addition of clean water. The holistic nature of natural ecosystems is to improve with time, making systems antifragile in response to challenges. The Antifragile system regenerates itself continuously.


Bullet list (As on packaging)


  • Excellent for intensive, organic cultivation of cannabis plants
  • Antifragile Supersoil performs best without added nutrients
  • Abundant in natural beneficial microorganisms
  • High nutrient content – not suitable for Nitrogen sensitive plants
  • Plant age restriction – not suitable for plants younger than 4 weeks
  • Suitable for indoor (half strength) and outdoor (full strength) cultivation
  • Use with Freedom Pots for additional plant growth benefits
  • Use Freedom Farms Seedstarter for optimal seed germination

 Directions of use:

Add the Supersoil to your container. Plant and water thoroughly with clean water at a pH of 5.5-6.5. Allow soil to dry 75% before rehydrating your soil with clean, pH’d water. For plants that become too green or show sensitivity symptoms, allow for 50% drainage using clean water. Recommendation for indoor cultivation: Fill the bottom half of your container with Antifragile Supersoil and the top half with Organic Classic Soil and apply water only. Excellent for outdoor cultivation at full strength. Optional during flowering: Fire Juice at 1-2 ml (max) per litre water once per week during flowering.


Ingredients: Coco Coir, Premium Worm Castings, Biochar, Perlite, Vermiculite, Organic nutrient blend, Insect Frass, Volcanic rock dust, Fine bonemeal, Gypsum, Fish bone meal, Blood meal, Diatomaceous earth, Freedom Farms Bokashi, Humic acid, Epsom salt, Bacillus thuringiensis (Fungus gnat larvae prevention), Trichoderma harzianum (Soil borne pathogen prevention).


Formula 1

Ingredients: Coco Coir, Worm Castings, Perlite (30%), Volcanic Rock Dust, Bone meal, Gypsum, Fermented probiotic bran.


– Ideal for container growing
– Indoor or Greenhouse cultivation
– High intensity production with automated fertigation
– Balanced nutrient solution input essential

Formula 1 allows more control over the nutrient profile in the substrate than with the fortified Classic blend. With the correct fertilisation regime Formula1 produces faster plant growth than our other blends, due to its physical properties and type of fertiliser used. The ideal fertiliser for this soil is water soluble inorganic mineral nutrients.

This blend has no additional nutrients apart from our base amendment mixture. The performance of the Formula 1 blend depends on the application of available nutrients in the form of a balanced inorganic nutrient formulation. Application is required with the first watering and subsequent additions according to the plant’s requirement.  A leaching requirement or runoff is necessary with every other nutrient application to avoid salt build-up. Water scheduling for this soil will require more regular watering when opting for fast growth.



Ingredients: Prepared Coco Coir, Fine Vermiculite, Fine Perlite, Premium Earthworn castings, Volcanic Rock Dust, Bone Meal, Gypsum, Freedom Farms Bokashi, Bacillus thuringiensis (fungus gnat larvae prevention), Trichoderma harzianum (soil borne pathogen prevention).


– A fine matrix specifically formulated for seed germination

– Free from pathogens and weeds

– Excellent for all varieties of seeds

– Suitable for both inorganic and organic fertilizer amendments

The Seedstarter is a premium germination medium formulated to create the ideal conditions for seed germination. The finer soil matrix, excellent aeration, seedling specific nutrient levels and inoculation with beneficial microorganisms, are the main reasons for the high success rate of the Seedstarter.

Directions of use: Add germination soil to seedling tray and water thoroughly the first time. Plant seeds and water again lightly for seeds to settle. After the first drying cycle, keep the soil moist.

Custom Formulations

Made to order

Pre-formulated coco coir based Craft Soils for the following applications:

– Commercial fruit industry – young grafted fruit trees

– Succulants

– Hydroponic systems

Ideal watering pH for Freedom Farms Craft Soils

Ideal pH 5.5 – 6.0

Pure coconut coir has a pH between 5.8 – 6.8. A substrate/soil pH of between 5.5 and 6.5 is ideal for plant nutrient uptake under both organic and inorganic fertiliser regimes.

Freedom Farms Coco coir is buffered and charged with natural amendments. The high Calcium content of our amendments maintains the pH in the 6.5-6.8 range and will prevent a decrease in pH (substrate acidification) resulting from fertiliser application or waterings at a low pH. The soil pH is therefore buffered against decreasing pH.

On the other hand, an incremental increase in pH resulting from tap water (pH 7-8.5) use can cause the soil pH to increase above the optimal range for nutrient uptake. The soil pH is therefore not buffered against increasing pH caused by using un-pH’d tap water. Watering with a pH of 5.5-6.0 will ensure the pH of the soil remains in the optimal range of 5.5-6.5.



Our Craft Soils far outperform other potting soils on the market and excellent results are guaranteed.
“The watering of a garden requires as much judgement as the seasoning of a soup.”








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