Starting your spring and summer crops at home is a highly rewarding process. Here are our 10 simple steps to get your seed started with a bang this month!

  1. Purchase your seeds and most importantly a good quality soil to get started. 
  2. Seeds can be planted directly into your prepared pots or into your garden. If you are planting a large variety of seeds, a labelled seedling tray can be used to keep tabs of what is what. 
  3. Before planting your seeds wet soil well and thoroughly across the soil surface.
  4. When placing seeds in your soil, consider the eventual size of the plant to ensure you leave sufficient space between them. Your seed packaging should also give directions for each specific seed and recommended depth and distance to plant. 
  5. Bigger seeds should always be planted a little deeper than smaller seeds which may not reach the surface if planted to deep.
  6. Once seeds are in, give the soil a very light watering, ensuring the seeds settle securely where planted.
  7. Place pots in sunny area and keep soil most each day.
  8. Seeds vary in the time it takes for them to sprout to the surface, check your seed packaging for details on this. 
  9. Temperatures as well as your soil quality can influence the rate of growth
  10. If you are having a less than 50% sprouting rate with your seeds this could be due to cooler temps or poor soil quality. If these are both optimal you should expect a 70%+ sprouting rate.
Happy Growing!