Dealing with pests in your garden is all part of the process and can be readily controlled using natural insecticides, which can be found in your local garden outlet and in some supermarkets.

A common pest is the aphid, also know as plant lice or greenfly, which are known as some of the most destructive garden pests in the world. They are said to be most active in the warmer months, but in more temperate climates can be found all year round. They can be found on both outdoor and indoor plants. These little sap-sucking buggers tend to colonise shoot tips, flower buds and the underside of younger leaves which weakens the plant, inhibits growth and can cause curled or distorted leaves to form. When purchasing seedlings from a garden centre you are also more likely to find them on your young plants.

A few weeks ago I planted some lovely colourful cabbage seedlings in my Freedom Pots. After some warmer winters days I noticed an infestation of aphids in the centre of a few of my cabbages, clearly inhibiting the growth of these plants.  Luckily armed with the correct products, solving the problem was pretty simple.

Action Plan:

What I Used:  BioNeem & Pyrol Organic Insecticide – both by Biogrow (South Africa) – Neem and Pyrol are powerful natural pest control ingredients so find products containing these, 1 x 2 litre spray bottle.


For a heavy infestation use full dose of each product, for maintenance and prevention use half dose of each (as per instructions on bottle), add to spray bottle and top up with water, shake well.

Thoroughly spray the plant making sure to especially target growth tips where new leaves are forming. If you notice that your first spray was not successful in completely eradicating the aphids, after a few days, repeat the process.

After spraying wait between 1-2 weeks before eating your plants, if they are in good enough health.

To Your Gardening Success!

Words by: Kate Culverwell